Ski Bonding

It was cold today, really cold.  We've been spoiled lately with an above average winter.  Today was more of an average day, 14 degrees.  Not cold enough to blog about or set a record but it's the getting "used to it" again part that's worth a mention.  

It's Superbowl Sunday, our team, the Packers, missed out on their chance last week.  So we've spent the day inside, cleaning, playing Minecraft, having dance parties.  I'm getting a little stir crazy.  We should be setting up to party next door, but instead we've been lazy.  We have to head outside.  Laken, you are difficult to get out the door.  It's not in your plan today.  Kailer...Kailer... where is Kailer?  Ohh he's already out, skis on and slipping down the driveway.

I love the fact that you are an outdoor boy.  Your dad and I were quite the adventurers ourselves.  Hence the reason we left the midwest on a whim and moved up to Alaska with only the luggage we could take on the plane.  I learned so much those few years.  I hope you have the same wonderful experiences out in nature.   

As the rest of the family headed in you asked if we could go explore and find a hill to ski.  So we moved back further into the woods.  On our way back you said, "I wish I could come ski out here everyday with you mom.  But I can't, I have school."  I reassured you that the days are getting a little longer, and that soon it may be staying light enough that we could get back here, everyday.  I'd love that too buddy.  

You are a quiet soul.  You fit well out here.  

I have no idea where your path is going to lead  you, but I know it will be a good one.  One that will make me wish to be young again so I too, could travel it with you.  Having all new experiences again;  excitement, heart break, and beginnings.  The world is a big place full of adventure.  Go get it!

Just don't forget, at the end of the adventure, at the end of the day, to come home and tell your mom all about it.  I want to feel it too.