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Our lives are busy.  Days go by without us recognizing simple things, like skinned knees or dirty little toes.  These moments are begging to be noticed.  

If you enjoy the connection and love you have, 

cherish the small moments with your loved ones, 

relish in the minute details of who you are now in this moment, 

appreciate the authentic and real you,

then I'm the photographer for you.  


What is my style?

natural, authentic, artistic

I am natural light photographer, so there is no use of flashes or studios, and props are minimal.  I use the location of your choosing to create a natural feel that fits your personality and style preferences.  We interact in a way where you are guided into authentic poses which helps create a connection that is true to your relationship.  Besides traditional photos, I add a sense of artistic nuance by incorporating natural light and a special unique technique called freelensing.  All sessions produce a number of photos so you are sure to find images you adore.  


What do I Photograph?

BF1A4079 copy.jpg


Your family is the center of your universe.  It needs to be captured.  This might be a newborn, extended family members, tweens, or just you and your special someone.  



Getting married is a big deal!  I will be with you every step of the way making sure that each moment and detail is recorded for you to look back on.  


There is something about your senior year that makes it a unique time in your life.  Your style, your personality, your dreams.  Senior sessions are deliberately styled to show the special and unique you.


Special events deserve special recognition.  Milestone birthday parties, community events, life moments like Christmas tree hunts.  What ever it might be, I'll put as much work into documenting the event as you did planning it. 


Do you have something special in mind and woNder if I am the right Photographer for you?  Contact me and we'll chat.