The Free 52 {September '19}

This is a personal blog dedicated to the art of freelensing. Although I have not done much personal work of the summer this is a group of talented women from all over the glob that document our journey in the art of taking our lenses off our camera and lend each other support and inspiration. After seeing my month’s blog for this technique please click on the link of Diana Hagues, to see her work.

Since my business has grown dramatically the past year, I have not left much time for my own personal work and artistic outlets. Freelensing has always inspired me. I finally took and entire weekend off to spend time with the boys at our new cabin on the lake. I took a morning and wondered the yard finding little niches of ecosystems, bees gathering pollen, caterpillars eating away building energy for their metamorphosis, Flies chowing down on the decaying crab apples…. so many small worlds out there to typically go unnoticed.

Freelense Sep-1.jpg
Freelense Sep-2.jpg
Freelense Sep-3.jpg
Freelense Sep-4.jpg

I experimented a bit with macro freelensing. It was a little difficult because there was a steady breeze that kept pushing my subjects in and out of focus. But freelensing is not about being perfect or nailing the shot, it’s more about perfect imperfections and blurs.

Freelense Sep-5.jpg
Freelense Sep-6.jpg
Freelense Sep-8.jpg
Freelense Sep-9.jpg
Freelense Sep-10.jpg
Freelense Sep-11.jpg
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