The Free 52 {October '18}

It’s been so busy around here I’ve had a hard time pulling my camera out to do any personal work. The Free 52 project is a group of women from all over the globe who like to take their lenses off. Please take a moment to stop by my friend Diana Hagues to check out her beautiful work for the month of Oct.

The boys had a day off of school so we headed to one of our favorite local orchards for some fall fun. It’s been an unusually cold and uber wet fall so it was nice to have an okay day to head out.

Corn mazes are a staple here in the Midwest. It wouldn’t be an orchard or a family fall fun adventure without one. So we grabbed a fresh apple off one of the trees and worked our problem solving skills and internal compasses.


We also checked off a major life goal this month. To get to water. We could never decide if we wanted to move, just buy land with intention of someday building a retirement home, or purchase a small cabin we could escape to. Then we happened upon this 1936 home nestled on 2.75 wooded acres and over 300ft of water front with access to one of our favorite lakes.

The night we closed we headed out to celebrate. The previous family had lived in the home since 1945 and raised 12 children here. There are small remnants of their memories everywhere we turn.


Interestingly enough, This is the old vent for the original wood cooking stove. A company out of Rockford IL made it’s climb to success making these tin covers. Ironically my grandmother, a single mom of two children, made her living for the company, J.L Clark. Wartime manufacturing was dominated by women here who worked the assembly lines, some famous ones depicted in the film, A League of Their Own. Post wartime, the company moved into decorative cans of which I had a very large collection growing up. This will be a piece that stays in this little old cabin in the Northwoods of WI.


I feel like this decorative cow is something most Sconie’s can relate to. You didn’t live in the 90’s in Wisconsin and not have one of these in your home.


The breadbox. So many little bits and pieces that tie this home together for the previous family. And although we are planning to do some major renovation I can’t help but feel some nostalgia for all the memories that were created here for them. I can’t wait to start making our own.