Renee Barth

Mother, wife, daughter, friend.  I am a natural light photographer that specializes in lifestyle and family portraiture.  I began my photography journey after the birth of my oldest son.  I wanted to capture the feeling and memory of every moment.  I've been obsessed with learning the art of natural light, lifestyle photography, mechanics of dslr cameras, and portraiture ever since.  

In 2012 I left my job as a High School Social Studies teacher to stay home with my three boys.  This gave me time to practice and perfect my skills.  In July 2013 I started my photography business, which has expanded and grown over the past few years more than I had ever dreamed.

Most days you will find me snapping photos of my family at our local hangouts or heading out on a run.  I love the outdoors which is why Wisconsin is one of the best states to live in.  There is something about our natural environment and small town character that is unique to our part of the world. My photography captures this uniqueness.  It takes a moment, your moment, and captures it so you can relive the memory for a lifetime.