{G} Family

I love getting messages and phone calls saying, "We just welcomed "so and so" into the world a few days ago.  Would you be able to come and get some photos of her and our family this week?"  My first reaction is always, HOW EXCITING!  I rarely turn down these opportunities.  I just love the week after a new child is brought home.  Meet Ms. E and her family.  

I like to spend a little time with big brother and sister before we begin the shoot.  Playing with them, having them show me their favorite toys and books.  This is the time i get a look at the house, the light, and the kiddos get a chance to relax, get comfortable with the new lady and her crazy big camera.  For the past few days it's been all about the baby.  I like to make them feel special and important too.  

Mr. X did an awesome job.  He was a ham in front of the camera and warmed up to me quickly.  He's a big tractor kid, and very daring.  Just days earlier he took a nasty spill on his bike.  Even with a helmet on, he acquired a nice battle wound on his forehead.  I told mom and dad we could edit it out, but they made the decision I generally side with, "No let's leave it.  It real, it's who he is right now."  

It was a dark gloomy day this day.  Although the light was not perfect I love little bit of graininess in the photos.  The texture, and depth it adds is something I generally admire.  


As with most newborn shoots there are breaks.  Breaks to feed, change, diaper....etc.  I never put my camera away.  These are the life moments I like to capture.  They are my favorites.  

Baby E had great light in her nursery so we did the majority of our session in there.  You can tell how much she is loved.  The way her parents watch after her, cuddle her, kiss her. 

Now for the girls...

A little time with the boys....

Fathers and daughters have a special bond.  You can see that these two are no exception to the rule.  I can only imagine the feelings a father goes through when his daughter is born, gets hurt for the first time, falls in love, has a baby of her own...

This baby girl is truly blessed to be born into such wonderful loving family.  There will be so many joyous experiences ahead in her life.  If only all children were loved this much.  The world would be quite a place.  

I leave you with Ms. E herself.  I wish her the best in all the adventures that live brings.  Thank you G family for letting be meet her and spend some time with you.