Meet {Emily} Class of 2016

I'm nearing the 20th year of my high school graduation.  I swear these seniors get more and more beautiful every year.  Meet Emily class of 2016.

 I had the great pleasure of meeting Emily her 8th grade year.  I was her social studies teacher.  I'll never forget assigning an extra credit project;  you know that kind that once in a lifetime a student will complete,  kind of extra credit project.  I told them they needed to rewrite the lyrics to Katy Perry's "Firework" and relate it to the American Revolution.  She did it.  I'm sure you can find this AMAZING video somewhere out on Youtube.  A real highlight of my teaching career.  

Here she is four years later.  More beautiful than ever.  Smarter than ever.  Fantastic as ever.  I know you will do and be wonderful things Emily.  I wish you best and look forward to your future.  You are a firework girl.  Thank you for letting me be but a small part of your awesome life.  

Meet Emily:

BF1A9479 copy.jpg
BF1A9558 copy.jpg