A Day for Us

It's so nice to have a break all together again.  Our family has been through a few changes the past couple years, but we are excited to announce that dad is back working in EC .  Perks are, that we often have the same breaks from work and school so we can head out and play.  Today we picked up an old habit; wake up, decide what to do, and hit the road for Como Zoo.  Years back, it was our spring tradition.

The tradition was to visit Como (a wonderful, donation based, zoo and botanical sanctuary)  then hit up the Sea Life aquarium at the Mall of America but, we ran out of time this year.  They were too excited to learn about all the animals this time and not just "run" through it.  They said their favorite exhibit would be the marine life, but I'm pretty sure it was the Polar Bear.


Actually I take that back...the baby of the family absolutely loves the big cats.  He plays Tiger ever, Every, EVERY day.  So we all got pumped to see the lions and tigers... and bears.  Ohh my!

AND THEN A BONUS!! Grandma and Grandpa along with the cousins joined us, just in time to head to my favorite on the tour...the conservatory and freelensing.  Nothing like green houses filled with that beautiful smell, the heat, the humidity and getting to have a couple moments to freelens... did I mention it was just a couple?  I could spend all day here!

One las visit to say goodbye to the Polar Bear and a lesson on "what it would feel like if one rolled on you" by grandpa.

And like that...it was time to head home.  Not before we got a cousins shot.

Let's not forget the group hug goodbye...

And of course the random stop at a new restaurant... The Tap Room.  Anywhere that serves Bent Paddle Brew is a fan of mine.


So I am delighted.  Happy to be able to have started our old tradition again.  Full bellies, tired feet, smiling faces, a day for us.