The Free 52 {January '18}

Freelensing is a passion of mine.  This year I've decided to devote more time to my personal work.  This is a group of women from all over the world that support, motivate, and inspire each other in our love of taken our lenses off.  Once a month we post our freelensed images and link them together.  Next stop over to my friend Julie Godbolt  to see her beautiful images.

January/February are always uninspiring months for me. Drab cold days, often too cold to get outside.  I'm going to try my best to get back to the basics of capturing the daily lives of my boys.  It's so important to do method is through pictures.  Having been doing this I need to remember is not always about how beautiful or artistic every image is.  So with The Free 52 photos this year, they may not all be jaw droppers, or heart stoppers but they are real, and documenting some of the wonders of childhood.  

We were hit hard this month with illness.  After two weeks I was finally feeling well enough to start going about my normal life.  Just in time to document the final sickie in his last day of nurturing back to health.


My oldest loves anything outdoors, hunting, fishing, animals, etc...  Lately it's been so cold it's hard to stay out for any extended length of time so he passes a lot of time watching documentaries.  He's latest obsession is with Carver Kings:  a group of skilled wood carvers from Canada.  He wanted so badly to try his hand at it.  So they started with a chain saw and the freshly cut red oak we just finished stacking in the back.   They then moved to some rudementary smaller tools we found in the garage.  


He was pretty quick to realize it's not as easy as they make it look and that the red oak was much to fresh to be able to carve.  So He settled on a 2x4, and some paint.  He spent 2 full days on it and is rather proud of his finished product.  


Finished the month with a date night.  Nice dinner, adult family, adult conversations, and an adult beverage to start the night off:  Whiskey Old Fashion  


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