The Free 52 {June '18}

Ohh boy have I fall'n off the wagon.  Going to hop back on.  Every month (at least it's suppose to be), a talented group of women blog their journey in the art of freelens photography.  It's a technique I love.  We blog our ventures.  Altough it's been a few months for me I have been freelensing with sessions and with family.  Now it's time to blog ;). After checking out a day in my family's June, please stop by and check out the talented Katie Woodard.

We've been spending a lot of time out on the lake this summer.  Something we set goals for.  It's a place where the family disconnects from work and obligations to just be together in nature on the water.  Actually, all of our boys' names have something water meaning to them.  It's a place we've always felt closer together and clear minded.  It's our happy place.  Here's an afternoon spent looking for the best skipping rocks.  Not only did we find some AMAZING rocks, but we spotted a dragonfly nymph shedding it's exoskeleton and transforming into the adult stage, along with a geocache box that had been "lost out at sea" since 2014.