{Little Ms. A} 18month Lifestyle Session

Her mom and I were high school friends but, after a few years of college, life got in the way and we both went off the grid.  Just over a year ago, I got a Facebook message from her, telling me she was pregnant and would love for me to take photos of her baby.  It was my first year as a stay-at-home mom.  I was keeping myself entertained by doing my first 365 project, a photo a day for a full year.  I hadn't even started my business yet, but was delighted that someone would ask me to take their first born's photos!

Getting ready is really the hardest part of a photo session.  That's what I love about lifestyle shoots, getting ready while I'm there!  It's all about capturing the everyday moments.  The first 20 minutes or so, are all about me getting to know your home, your hangout, the light, the ins and outs.  More importantly it's getting used to having me be there.  No pressure.  Just be yourself...over here ;)  She's had those baby blue eyes since she was born.  You could tell she was going to be a blue-eyed beauty at our first session together. 

What do you love to do in your home?  Where do you hang out, what are your favorite objects? Little Ms. A likes her room, her toys and her books.  Mom, was making muffins, so we decided to read a little and hang out. 

Don't get me wrong, as a photographer I know how to find the light.  Where that chair is, no not quite.  Let's move it here.  Okay ready...show me your favorite book.  

Her mom is a writer.  I know I won't do it justice here.  My hope is that I can provide the photos so her mom can write her a beautiful memoir of her life as an 18month old.  With this personality it's easy to believe that she will.  The details of the curls and eyelashes.  The spunkiness of an only child.  

As much as lifestyle is about capturing a moment, and a child in her own element, it doesn't mean that things aren't somewhat planned.  Clothing is one of those "planned" things.  She wears the kilt bought for her by Grandma and Papa from their trip to Scotland.  The fuzzy boots or the adorable hat mom couldn't pass up.  There is usually a wardrobe change during our time together.  This is not the time I put my camera way.  These are the everyday moments to capture.  

During her one year shoot they traveled to EC to visit and get some photos in my neighborhood park. Mom quickly discovered that Little Ms. A actually has quite ticklish feet and an affinity for shoes.  As a mom, in a rush, it's easy to get frustrated with the silliness and struggles of getting ready.  In the calmness and honesty of time together it's really quite entertaining.  

BF1A1736 copy.jpg

In a matter of what seems a moment, you forget how small they are.  

How oversized their body parts are on their small frames.  The smoothness of their skin.

How well their face contours to yours when you kiss them on the forehead or the cheek or the nose. 

They will grow up with only a slight memory of their furry friends.  Never created to outlast them in years, they can look back at the photos of them sharing treats, cuddling, and playing dress up. 

One thing is always constant, the love a mother has for her children.  

Thank you friend, and Little Ms. A for letting me into  your life over the last year or so.  I look forward to seeing you grow up. You are a hoot, an adorable, spunky, vivacious little girl.  It should take you far.  Better yet you have a mom and family to support you all the way.  <3