My Creative

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."  ~Marcus Aurelius

You are my creative.  The one who talks to himself, uses silly voices for different inanimate objects, walks around in a constant daydream.  This afternoon, after getting your baby brother to nap, you asked if I would spend sometime and color with you.  "Why yes, yes I would love to!"

BF1A1523 copy.jpg

I of course couldn't help but notice the light in the room.  The way it highlighted your crazy hair.  The way it bounced of your oversized coloring page and lit up your face.  And because I had agreed to color with you, you were more than happy to agree to a few photos.  

You were overly supportive, saying things like, "Wow, mom I really, really love your castle."  "That looks fantastic mom!".  "You are doing a great job."

BF1A1545 copy.jpg

I of course responded with similar compliments for your creation.  "That's such a great color you chose for your dragon's wings!" "Awesome job buddy!".  "Man you are good colorer, so creative."

We chose not to really talk about anything of great importance.  Though, I have to assume that, they were important to you.  Things like, do you think all dragons breath fire?  Good vs bad dragons and knights or as you called them, vikings.  The difference between vikings and knights.  Whether all castles are built by the ocean.  If all blues are made equally.  

Maybe it's silly I spend this much time documenting you and  your brothers.  But I want to remember the details.  The way  you hold your pen.  The sparkle in your eye when you hear good job.  I don't see anything wrong with that.  I hope others find joy in it too.  I hope someday you will find joy in it.  

We started talking about color choices.  You said you were going to use purple for the dragons toenails because, I like the color purple.  When I asked why you thought that, you said it was because it's a girl color and I'm a girl.  Then we discovered that both our favorite colors were blue.   I held the markers up for you to choose one, you said the green and blue were "in love" because they were right next to each other.  You went on about how much in love you are with me and your dad and your brothers.  

I love that you think out of the "box".  You have ideas of your own.  When anyone asks you why, you always respond with an answer.  There is a reason for things in your mind.  As crazy and strange as those things seem to us out here, your "soul is dyed with the color of your thoughts".  It's who you are.  

You are a brilliant, vibrant, and soulful 5 year old.  I love you so very much.  You are a creative, my creative.