Here's to Another FANTASTIC Year

Wow! 2018 was such an amazing year! Before I start in on the busy season of 2019 I want to look back at all the amazing people I worked with. I am blogging one photo from each shoot I did in 2018. I expanded my skills to work with local business on custom stock, headshots and my new love…food photography. I’m not quite ready to leave behind all my beautiful couples and families, many of whom have been with me since the beginning.

If you would have told me back in 2013 that this small business venture of mine would have brought me here, I would have hugged you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me, believing in my abilities, and inspiring me to capture your best moments.



A huge thanks to all the businesses I worked with this year. Northwester Bank, JB Systems, Larson Cabinets, Martin Dental, Martin Management, Moon Ridge Pub, Regis Court Dental, Senn Blacktop, Plank Enterprise, Community Table, Free Clinic, Junior Achievement, Sarah Ohr Harp, Century 21, Lily Pad Lab, Second Opinion, TRE House Project, Ananda Works, Huff Cut, Lake Wissota Golf, Merrick Plastic Surgery, Stokes and Herzog, Thai Orchid, Dicky’s BBQ, Red Coal BBQ, Varsity Club, Sammy’s Pizza, Hankr, The District, Lakely, Cowboy Jacks, Za 51, Dragonettie’s, Livery, Foster’s Cheese Haus, 4 Mile, Houligan’s, Bug Eyed Betty’s, Court’n House, Mona Lisa’s, Nucleus, Ninja, Jonny’s Steak House, The Complexx, Tokyo, and the Classic Garage.

It sure was a tasty year!

Lily Pad.jpg

Then there are all the beautiful couples I get the pleasure of meeting. The moments of love between them, the way they let down their guards as we goof around and tell me their stories. I adore each and every one of you. {{Hugs}}

couples 1.jpg
Couples 3.jpg
Couple 4.jpg

And then there are all those beautiful pregnant momma’s. There is something so beautiful about a strong woman growing a baby. And even though everyone’s experience is different it truly is something to be admired. You will never feel that way again in your life moments, it deserves to be captured.

baby 1.jpg
baby 2.jpg

Then there are the families. The beautiful families I’ve had the privilege over the years of watching many of these families grow and change. I cherish each and everyone of you.

Family 4.jpg
family 7.jpg

And finally, the group that is near and dear to my heart. Seniors. I loved working with them as a high school teacher, but I have to say I enjoy spending a few hours with them one on one and getting to know them even more. Best wishes to you all this year (and to your families) as you start your new adventure. {{double hugs}}

seniors 1.jpg
Senior 2.jpg
seniors 3.jpg

So excited for 2019! Thanks for a great 2018. I’m sure I’ll be see’n a lot of you soon. Cheers