The Free 52 Poject {January}

Ohh these are hard months for me.  The holidays are over, it's still dark, things are dormant, and the monotony of winter begins to set in.  We do the best we can with what we have.  Free 52 is a group I joined this year.  It's a talented group of ladies who love to freelens.   It's a little perk and motivator for this time of year.  At the end be sure to click on the link to check out the beautiful feelensed work of Terra Fondriest!  Here is my Free 52 for January.  

It's been a pretty crazy winter.  We didn't have snow till Christmas, the temperatures were high and the sun was bright.  We got out as much as we could in the beginning.  Campfire breakfast with neighbors, wooded hikes, and finally enough snow to get some skiing in.  

Things quickly turned to fridged cold.  Sub zero temps hit us for over two weeks in January.  It was best just to hunker down and enjoy the sun from inside.  

Things have begun to warm up.  Near 40's this week.  Good thing the laundry is done and the dishes clean.  I'm thinking February will be spent outside.  

Now stop over To Terra Fondriest's page to see her images for January