The Free 52 Project {February}

February is usually a hard month for me.  The days are still short, there are glimpses of spring but they are teasers for the uncertain cold and snow spells in the coming months.  I am happy that it is a short month and that it has taken on the title of "Love Month" around here.  After viewing my images for February click on the link below to view more gorgeous images from some pretty amazing freelens artists.  

There is nothing I love more in this world than my boys.  They warm me when my mood is down, the weather is nasty...I try to find humor in all they do and say.  

We try to spend a lot of time outside.  Though you never know what kind of weather you are going to get;  record snowstorms, followed by 60 degree days, followed by bitterly cold winds.  It's starting to get lighter in the morning, and even though I'd love for you to sleep in a bit longer, when you wake me up by looking outside and saying, "Momma, today is a good day!"  I muster up the breath to enjoy the waking moments too.   

Red and pink, hearts and candy.  There is always a week of sugar overload in February.  You two are so kind to your younger brother, we pooled the valentine candy and shared.  So the next day we made cupcakes to share with you.  

I know there are more than a photo a week here for this month's blog but, when you love something as much as I love taking photos of my little loves, you can't do it enough.  That's the main reason I've overshared this month of love <3

Now please head over to Dana Dyer's page and check out her beautiful month of Feb. freelensed images.