The Free 52 Project {October}

I am happy to say that my busy season is coming to an end.  I'm hoping to spend a lot more time taking photos of my littles, especially since they won't be little for much longer.  I tried to take time away from shooting other families and away from my computer editing other's photos to go out with the family to enjoy our beautiful fall surroundings.  Here are two of our adventures this month.  All freelensed of course.  

When you are done, stop by my friends' pages {here} to see more beautiful images.  Up next is Kathy Ledbetter of KG Ledbetter Photography.  These are some of the best freelens photographers there are people.  Enjoy. 

It wouldn't be autumn in the upper midwest with out apple orchards.  We like to hit up as many as we can every year.  They aren't just for picking apples.  There's haunted barns, tractor rides, hay, corn, and pumpkin mazes, pumpkin bowling and so much more.  

A trip to the orchard would never be complete without a treat or two.

I ADORE his dimples <3

Then there's the rides and entertainment...

And then there is the slight moment of panic during the business.  The thought that we only have a few days left that are warm, breezy, beautiful days.  The type of days in the spring, where you wake up and anticipate the noon hours that, even though it's only 50-something degrees, you can't wait to open your windows to fresh "warm" air.  The days you don't have to worry about the kids getting a bit wet and dirty, because it's not cold enough to freeze them to death.

So we headed out with friends to one of our favorite hiking spots.  A place you can spend hours just throwing rocks, climbing, exploring.  A place that in the next month will look like a whole other world.  

And from the words I said earlier this month....  "The one thing I love about taking photos is that no matter how busy you feel (which seems to be most of the time right?).  No matter how preoccupied your brain is with; what needs to be done at home, at work, what bills need to be paid, where the kids need to be in 1.23 matter what is happening outside this moment, you take the moment capture it.  And when you need to feel that moment again, that moment of being present, you get to revisit it again, and again, and again."