The Free 52 Project {November}

The Free 52 Project is a group of talented photographers from all over the world who share the love of freelens photography.  Essentially we take the lenses off our cameras lending to blurs and light leaks you can't get with traditional photography.  Every month we blog our creations and loop them together so you can travel through the sites of these artists viewing their collections from the month.  Please continue on to Kathy's page, KG Ledbetter Photography.  

This November has been unusually warm.  I used to hate this time of year.  It's cold, it's not like the transition to summer.  It's brown, dirty, dark, stark, the loom of cold winter is constant, and the life seems be fading from everything!  That was then.  I have to say that I have grown to really appreciate this time of year since starting to photograph it over the past few years.  In fact, I would say November is my favorite time to shoot outdoors.  The light is warm (when it's out) and even when it's not the dull hazy light of the month creates a moodiness that actually warms me.  

The colors, in November, remind me of a hot cup of cocoa, or that first warm sip of coffee in the morning.  Creamy and dreamy.

They boys' favorite pass time has been heading back in the woods, rolling the old junk tires they've found up the hill and then send them soaring back down.  It's a good workout and wears them out by the end of the day.  


And then there is our annual tradition out to Pleasant Valley Tree Farm to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.  It has been pretty warm the past few years.  On this morning the fog was thick due to the warm days and cold nights.   We headed out with holiday music blaring, candy canes in hand.  

After a quick visit with Mr. and Mrs. Clause, we head home to see if it fit. 

It's a tic short to leave a new mark on the ceiling.  Guess our overhead artwork will have to wait for additions till next year.  

So cheers to the warmth of the November.  Now head back up and click on the link to view Kathy's beautiful work.