The Free 52 {February '17}

March is a crazy weather time in the upper mid-west.  60degree days followed by massive snowstorms following by thunder and hail.  If it's a weather phenomonon it's probably happened in March.  We made the best of all it had to offer by trying to get out more.  Here are a few freelensed moments this month.  When you are done, head over to 


We started out the month by spending time out at Beaver Creek Reserve.  It's a wildlife sanctuary, school, and great place to go for a hike.  

4square 3land 1port.jpg

We spent a better park of two days just hanging out in gorgeous weather.  

Then the next week brought a major snow storm.  The kids already had off of school and we headed back in the woods that were blanketed with snow.  

Their favorite activity was waiting for one of us to walk by then shake the tree so all the snow dumped on our heads.  

And then we were back to the warmer temps, so we decided to tap a few of our Maple trees and make maple syrup.  We've processed over 30 gallons of sap and canned 5 pints so far.  It's great over ice cream.  

As you can guess the temps have once again fallen.  Today was a mix of snow and rain.  One thing about growing up in the Mid-west, we make the best out of any season.  

Don't forget to head over to Karissa Eaton at Lucky Life Photography to so some more beautiful images.