The Free 52 {March '17}

Every month a fantastic group of women form all over the world get together and share their freelensed images.  Freelensing is a technique in photography where you take the lens off your camera lending to soulful blur and artistic light leaks.  For these ladies it's a passion and I'm so grateful to be a part of this supportive and inspiring group. When you are finished head over to Christine Wright at Greenscapes Photography to see her beautiful images this month.  

March is a month of adventure for us.  Besides the increasingly nice weather the fact that Spring Break happens in March makes it easy for us to set out.  We started out by heading to WI Dells with our friends for some wet wild fun.  

The boys are at a great age for the water park.  The older two are big enough now to do all the rides and slides.  It really takes the stress out of following them around and worrying about hazards.

Then we headed to MN for our annual trip to Como Zoo and Conservatory.  Having worked in a green house for years I love spending time in the humidity and heat of the gardens.  The smells the sounds are a great escape from the dreary spring outside.  

I could spend hours here but sadly we only had about 30min before they were closing.  I managed to sneak in a few reverse macro shots of the flowers.  

Wisconsin has so many opportunities for small day trips.  We decided to head to LaCrosse for the afternoon.  Our first stop was the Bluff.  

I would have been happy spending the day exploring the cliffs and quaries, but the boys had the final say so we stopped at the university's planitarium for some mid-afternoon star gazing.  

Last but not least are the gorgeous day hikes in our area.  Our park system is something to treasure.  The water was roaring but it was fun to hop around on the rocks feel the wind it created as it rushed by.  

We explored down the river a ways to a water slough that had been completely underwater just weeks earlier during the thaw.  It was fun to explore all the deposits the river had made before retreating back into it's banks.  

They spent an hour or so working on building structures out of sticks and long grassy reeds.  

Then dad taught them some survival skills.  The boys favorite is finding the small worms that burrow in the golden rod pods.  They are great bait for pan fishing, and need be, eating ;)

So that was our March in freelensed images.  I'm looking forward to warmer days in April.  Now head back up and click the link to continue on in the circle of some amazing freelens artists.